30 November 2009

Daily Quotation

An infantry company is an unbelievably destructive component in a modern military force.  It is designed and equipped to be self-contained and independent.  A company commander has at his disposal his own organic supporting arms--60 mm mortars and M-60 machine guns--and he can reasonably expect support from artillery and air units of virtually any strength.  As such, an infantry company and its commander wield enormous destructive power.

A captain commanding an infantry company is the highest-ranking officer who lives with and like the grunts he commands.  He has everything to do with policy execution but almost nothing to do with policy formation.  Though often out of sight of his superiors, he is almost never out of radio contact with them or other higher headquarters.
~ Colonel Richard D. Camp, Jr, USMC (Ret) - Lima-6:  A Marine Company Commander in Vietnam ~

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