04 November 2009

Daily Quotation

'I know we should neither be too credulous nor too critical and should hold the middle in all things to find the point of truth and virtue. But I also know that charity easily leads us to believe all that is not contrary to faith or good morals: 'Charity believes all things' (I Corinthians 13:7), whereas pride easily leads us to deny almost all well-authenticated narratives, on the pretext they are not in Holy Scripture.

'Such pretext is one of the devil's snares. Heretics who deny Tradition have fallen into it, and critics of our time are falling into it unawares. These critics refuse to believe what they do not understand or what is not to their liking. They are motivated by pride and a distorted view of their own mind's sufficiency.'
~ St Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort - The Secret of the Rosary ~

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