14 April 2010

Daily Quotation

I'm not a very gadgety man in my life, I don't have gadgets.  I'm not good with--I don't even have a microwave in my house.  I'm not kidding, I don't.  I won't have 'em.  I didn't even get rid of it, I just never had one.  Don't like 'em.  The oven is fast enough for me, thank you.  There's people [who] say, 'You need a microwave to cook quickly.'  I don't think food should cook that quickly.  I think that's witchcraft, there's something wrong with that.  You know, 'Ding!', it's ready.  That's not right!  That's not right!  And people always--you say, 'I don't want a microwave'--and people say, 'hey, you can do a baked potato in three minutes!'  I can get through life without a three minute baked potato, all right?  I can plan ahead an hour in my own life.  'No, I need a potato right now!  Three minutes, that's all I've got!  Then I need a baked potato!'
~ Craig Ferguson - The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson ~

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