28 January 2010

Daily Quotation

Warfare is the greatest affair of state, basis of life and death, the Tao (Dao) for survival and extinction.  It must be thoroughly pondered and analyzed.  Therefore, structure it according to the following five factors, comparatively evaluate it through estimation, and seek out its true nature.  The first is termed the Tao, the second Heaven, the third Earth, the fourth generals, and the fifth the laws for military organization and discipline.

The Tao causes the people to be fully in accord with the ruler.  Thus they will die with him, they will live with him and not fear danger.

Heaven encompasses yin and yang, cold and heat, the constraints of the seasons, according with and going contrary to, the basis of victory in warfare.

Earth encompasses high or low, far or near, difficult or easy, expansive or confined ground, fatal or tenable terrain.

The general encompasses wisdom, credibility, benevolence, courage, and strictness.

The laws for military organization and discipline encompass organization and regulations, the Tao of command, and the management of logistics.

There are no generals who have not heard of these five.  Those who understand them will be victorious, those who do not understand them will not be victorious.
~ Sun-tzu - The Art of War ~

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